Our Player supports all OS and Android devices.


If you are using Safari you shouldn’t have to do a thing. HLS streaming was created by Apple therefore it’s automatically built into the platform.

If you are using Chrome as your browser you may need to install this if you are experiencing issues. We don’t recommend installing anything unless it is necessary:



In the event there are password restrictions you will be given the password by the Festival you are attending. The film will autostart with sound after the password is entered.

In some cases distribution companies may require Geo-blocking which could interfere with your ability to screen a title. Find out what Geo-blocking is here.

The Player is User Friendly

Video settings are set to Auto. Our player will determine your internet speed and connect you to the appropriate setting to eliminate buffering.
The Full Screen Icon is located at the top right of the player. If you want to view in full screen mode simply click the arrows. To exit full screen mode simply click on escape or the arrows again.

To initiate transfer from a computer, tablet or phone to a Home Theater system:

1. make sure your devices are on the same network.
2. There is a TV icon in the top right (next to the Full Screen arrows.)
3. Click on the TV icon and your device will push the content to your home theater & TV.
To join the Q & A click the Join Q & A button. You must have Zoom (or hosting platform) downloaded to your device or join by entering the link in your navigation bar.

For Festival questions please contact the Festival directly. We facilitate the screening platform only.

In the event a Festival has opted to utilize password, if you’re having trouble and cannot access a Title because of a password issue, you’ll need to contact the Festival directly. Passwords are only given to ticket holders and controlled by the Festival.

Any other technical issues please contact Sam @ sam@filmhighway.com