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We build your personalized and fully branded online Virtual Film Festival experience.

  • Scale your Festival to any size
  • Scale for any Duration
  • Shorts Packaging
  • Pre-Roll Content Packaging
  • Simple Virtual Ticketing Integration
  • Robust picture and audio delivery
  • No Buffering
  • HLS Delivery
  • DRM Protected Intellectual Property
  • AirPlay to your Apple TV
  • Full Support Provided
  • We support 360 videos for a true Virtual Reality screening.
Your End Users will be delighted to receive robust HLS and DRM protected content.
on line platform, virtual film festival, DRM protection, HLS Streaming

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Film Highway focuses on your technical needs and builds your platform for you.

Benefits of working with us

  • Our parent company Cineworx Digital Cinema provides an automated portal that converts your uploaded content to HLS.
  • DRM is handled in a second phase (and is required by all distribution companies).
  • We build your platform, pages, video players and generate your print traffic grid.
  • We link any/all of your Q & A chats whether they are live or pre-recorded to the respective Titles.
  • We’ll link to your online film guide to rehash ticket sales.
  • Provide the embed code linking tickets to your virtual platform.
  • We provide the Technical Specs for you to add in your invitation letters to filmmakers.
  • Provide support during the course of your Festival. You will speak to a live agent if answers are not found on our support page.

What we need from your Festival

  • Festival Logos for static web page templates
  • Links to any pre-recorded or Video Chat Links.
  • Access to your slate
  • Link to your online film guide
  • All pre-roll content in .mp4 format
  • Any Filmmaker Intros to personalize the screening in .mp4 format
  • Any external links you want added (html pages)
  • Good communication on any changes & cc’d in filmmaker emails

You slate your event as you would a live event. Film deadline (depending on how many titles you screen) is 5 – 14 days. This gives us time to receive deliverables including festival pre-roll, complete required DRM protection on required films, develop pages, build your players, generate embed codes, build your ticketing platform (if you’d like us to do it) and institute the external links you provided.

There’s no need for you to be stressed on how the process works. We already have the stacks in place so you can focus on slating and planning the event. We are your Tech Crew

Film Distributors require HLS Streaming & DRM Protection for your online festival platform.

on line platform, virtual film festival, DRM protection, HLS Streaming

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September 24- October 3rd, 2020

Experience the United Nations & Global Voices of Equality and Empowerment

on line platform, virtual film festival, DRM protection, HLS Streaming
A 90 Title Virtual Film Festival attracting thousands of views. Mission Accomplished!
Our sister company, Cineworx, has been a Digital Cinema provider provider for dozens of festivals for the past decade.

Our background in DCinema & after covid, Virtual Cinema was a natural expansion. We are pioneering the next wave to keep Indie Film alive and well!

You run the show as you normally would but FilmHighway provides the platform & technology.

Virtual Film Festivals are scaleable to fit your needs.

We provide a robust virtual exhibitions to your end users. Whether they view on a smart phone, tablet, computer or AirPlay to their home theater set up, they will be provided the best screening scenario possible.

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