Receive your event tested and packaged!

Whether your event is Live, Virtual or Hybrid, Film Highway offers a turnkey solution to safely receiving, QC’ing and packaging the films on your slate.  It’s quite a liberating experience knowing you have a built in professional tech crew. Utilizing this service ensures smooth sailing with no technical blips!

If you need a DCP encoded, we provide reduced rates if we’re forwarding it to a Festival.

If your Festival run has concluded and you didn’t get distribution, you can self distribute usning our streaming platform with built in ticketing. Sell your film and get paid directly!

Whether you are a Festival, Filmmaker, Produciton Company or Corporation our services are available to handle your streaming needs.

Our strategic and comprehensive solution for modern day video file sharing is available to you.

Comprehensive Solutions that are Empowering and Liberating.

Our TurnKey Packaging solution makes it exceptionally easy to hold Live, Streamed or Hybrid Events. Having a built in Ticketing Platform doesn’t hurt either!  You manage your ticketing and we’ll provide the links to complete the cycle. One ticket one play.
We collect, QC, Package and Deliver the Live portion of your event 5-10 days prior to Opening Night. Deadlines are determined by the amount of Titles screening and is discussed during your consultation. The Projection Team will have ample time to ingest and test KDMs in advance of Opening Night.

Streaming files are collected, QC’d, convert (if necessary) then develop the encrypted pages hosting the titles. Your team can breathe easy and focus on other operational needs.

We handle all the technical aspects of your event regardless of type.

Our services include end to end encryption. This includes all Portals, Transfer Services and Streaming Services. There is no room for error! The protection of Intellectual Property is imperative.

Commonly used platforms do not possess encrypted transfers or storage. This allows hackers to insert viruses into their content that can be passed on through their files.

Downloading and accepting files from these platforms leave your print traffic or point person stressing to slowly download deliverables that may be infected and potentially fail.

We implore you to take precautions to avoid unnecessary threats.

Film Highway provides you a brand-able portal for collection of titles on your slate. Portals provide excelled data transfers too.

Hybrid events require DCP files and .mp4 files. We can provide multiple portals to cover your specific needs.

We also take the guesswork out of the equation for those who are uploading to a portal.  They can calculate their upload time specific to their network speed and capabilities. This is a great feature for Distribution Companies as well as Indie Filmmakers who have a busy schedule.