The blue box is used to focus around the placement of the player. It can be removed or the color changed to match your business’ logo.

This template will host your video and is linked to the tickets sold using our integrated ticketing partner.  One ticket equals one play.

The word “Logo” shows that you can brand the player and can be placed either on the lower left or right.  Logos are not required.

This template does not include a synopsis or ability to purchase tickets. It’s a clean version and is intended for purchased tickets / hosted video only.

Pre-Roll video can be added to the player as well. There are no file size limits and we recommend keeping pre-roll videos to a minimum as to not lose the attention of the viewers.

Mp4, H264 or H265 files are required for streaming. If you do not have a proper format, we can convert it for you.

We also provide an encrypted server for your uploads. The server is also brandable with your art.


<bottom><bottom>Our turnkey solutions make your life very simple.  We serve Film Festivals, Indie Filmmakers, Production Companies and Corporations. We provide a secure platform customizable to your needs.

Our services are tax deductible as long as it fits into the realm of your business model.