Bringing you Virtual Film Festivals to the world!

Our Online Virtual Film Festival Platform is robust and provides dynamic exhibitions for your end users. HLS and DRM protection with Geo Blocking available.

Technical Requirements

The technical requirements are very easy for filmmakers and festivals to follow. (as it pertains to Festival pre-roll content.)

The process for providing HLS Live Streaming and Digital Rights Management (DRM) content relies on these specs being correct and negates any possibility for additional conversion fees.

  • 1920 x 1080 .mp4 with stereo audio
  • subtitles to be burned in
  • .srt files can be added but is not the preferred method
  • No countdowns, the film should start at the head of the picture

The upload links we provide will automatically convert the deliverable to HLS and DRM content is determined after receipt of files.

How To Proceed

You will be given a link for uploading content. Content will be converted to HLS while uploading and any DRM requirements are handled in a separate stage. We provide the verbiage to include in your invitation letters re: the tech specs to pass on to your invited filmmakers.

  • Filmmakers/ Festivals / Distributors upload content to our server.
  • Film Highway processes the content for HLS streaming and/or with Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection. This is required by distribution companies.
  • Distribution companies requiring Geo Blocking can be achieved through the ticketing company.
  • We work with a specific ticketing platform providing a seamless integration and the lowest fees for Virtual Ticketing.

Festival Web Pages

When we say “web page” they are actually static pages and not your traditional web page. They are stored in the cloud and ensures speedy delivery and protection of intellectual property.

Our DNA structure is the same as Amazon Prime or Netflix.

  • We create one page for each feature title
  • We create one page for each shorts package
  • We build your playlists that will include all pre roll content and exhibition content in the order you specify.
  • We create the embed code and provide it for placement within the ticketing service. This code will direct the “purchased tickets” to the “page that hosts that specific title.”
  • One view for one ticket. Your potential revenue is protected by this feature by using an embed code.
Our Mission is to provide secure, crystal clear exhibitions for your Festival. We also aim to save your Festival unnecessary expenses on things like conversions and editing out countdowns etc.