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We started in production and moved into the Film Festival space a couple of decades ago.

We started in production years ago and found a home in the Festival Industry. We’ve worked in the Tech and Traffic departments for 2+ decades. This is why we understand your needs so well and why we don’t farm out our work to 3rd party companies.

With the coming of Digital Cinema, we created Cineworx, a Digital Cinema Company about 12 years ago.  We’ve encoded tens of thousands of DCPs for Indie Filmmakers, Film Festivals & Distribution Companies ever since.

With the coming of covid, we developed our virtual platform in February of 2020.  It was our natural evolution. After screening roughly 16 Festivals in the past year we believed we now needed to develop our OTT platforms. An OTT is a Netflix or Amazon type channel.

We have a lot of respect for the people who work in this industry. We know it’s a labor of love and we want to help everyone grow and have a seamless way to deploy virtual or live events.

We simply want to provide creative people a platform. Our goal is to give you an ability to be seen.

Our platform allows Indie Filmmakers, Musicians, Master Classes and Educational Facilities an opportunity to create and self distribute content. There are many talented Indie Filmmakers out there and they deserve to be seen when they have nowhere else to evolve.

We believe this is a fantastic platform for everyone regardless what niche of the industry you are in.

Evolve your future.  Join the self distribution revolution. Click on of the links below for more information.

*Please note our OTT site will not be available until June 2021. The content on the page is simply a placeholder and does not reflect the actual content.

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