Whether it’s Hybrid or Virtual Event we can take care of your needs.

Film Highway offers you affordable platforms to host your content.

The evolution of content delivery for Film Festivals has changed. You can affordably exhibit your festival virtually on:

  • AppleTV
  • Amazon Fire
  • Roku
  • Google
  • Android SmartTV
  • All mobile devices
  • All tablet devices
  • Website based

How does your Festival get started?

  • Contact us and let us answer your questions.
  • Share a grid of your invited films.
  • Forward the Tech Spec link in your Welcome Email so we receive properly formatted files.
  • Filmmakers can upload to our portal or give us their DropBox link.
  • Filmmakers provide us their EPKS (including trailers) one vertical and one horizontal image representing their film.
  • We develop your event and provide you a test link to follow the progress.
  • You provide us a festival logo for branding.
  • You provide any preroll content.

We keep it simple,

  • Users create an account
  • Users download the app to one of their preferred devices.
  • User logs into the downloaded app
  • Downloaded app and already created User profile connect.
  • Video support of this process is available.

Festivals who have an opportunity to engage in a hybrid event.

We provide all services in house. We don’t farm out the work. We are proficient in Festival protocol, technical needs, and all things that work simultaneously to provide you a flawless event.

We differ from other platforms for several reasons. We’ve been in the Festival Industry for over 2 decades in the Tech Department & Print Traffic. Our 10+ years of encoding digital cinema packages and digital cinema places our hands on experience above the others. Our understanding of all phases provides a seamless integration for your festival.

  • We collect your content
  • Package content by venue, shorts packaging, pre-roll content etc.
  • We develop your event on our channel
  • Build & add your content
  • Yes – DRM is available
  • Geo-blocking is available
  • We build your ticketing platform & link the associated Titles
  • Provide analytics: Track your sales, User info, User engagement & data usage etc.
  • Release your content as slated
  • Link to your pre-recorded Q & A
  • Feature your titles in competition
  • Provide support pages with video and step by step directions for your End Users

We’ve got you covered!

Our analytics will provide you all the information required to track sales, income, cc fees, User engagement etc.

This provides you a complete list and understanding of your viewership, User engagement and associated costs.

Hybrid Events

With some venues opening you are subjected to limited seating with social distancing. We are offering Hybrid Festivals so you can evolve with the future of digital cinema. Keep your required live screenings and exhibit the rest on your own festival product across all of the above listed platforms.

We are also developing a seamless integration of a voting platform for your titles in competition. We noticed a need for an upgraded version from our previous product. Your satisfaction is always our goal.

If you enjoy your experience, the set up fee repeats annually. Contract are annual. You also have the option to screen content during the year to maintain compliance for O&E grant requirements.

You’ll be in good hands. It’s what we do, it’s who we are. Find out more about us here.

Evolve on our multi platform streaming service.

Complete this short form and we’ll be in touch.

Analytics for ticket sales and User usage patterns are made available and provided along with your payout statements.

There’s only 1 out of pocket expense. The set up fee.

There are important facts that separate us from the pack

We’ve been hosting virtual Festivals since February 2020 with some of the largest Festivals and Audiences around the world. Our experience allows us to keep everything in house. No need to farm out or partner with other companies, ultimately leading to other fees.

We’ll also generate a QR code for your Festival to pass on to ticket holders to download the app and take them directly to your Event. Paste the QR right on your website. For example, if you have a QR reader, you can visit our platform here:

Our experience keeps it simple for Festivals

Things to keep in mind:

  • Experience eliminates complications
  • Geographic location is not an issue, the internet knows no boundaries

For more Information you can contact us here.